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Epic Code LAB2111263EU Endoscopy Ultrasound Fine Needle Aspiration, Cytology

Test Name Alias

Endoscopy Ultrasound FNA Cytology | EUS | 334 | FNA

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Collection Instructions

Specimen Type:  Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

Container/Tube: 2 slides and 1 tube

Collection Instructions:

  1. Place a drop of aspirated material on a glass slide (labeled with the patient's full name and date of birth or Spectrum Health MRN on the frosted end with a No. 2 lead pencil)
  2. Place second labeled slide on top of aspirated material and draw two slides apart.
  3. Immediately fix one slide with cytology fixative spray or place in container of 95% ETOH and allow the second slide to dry.
  4. The number of slides prepared will depend on the amount of material aspirated and the areas sampled
  5. Rinse any residual material in the syringe and needle into a tube containing sterile balanced salt solution and refrigerate or Cytolyt solution. NOTE: Once the needle and syringe come in contact with Cytolyt solution, a new needle and syringe must be used for additional passes.
  6. Label container with 2 patient identifiers, including patient's name and label with specimen source.
  7. Complete Fine Needle Aspiration portion of the Anatomic Pathology consultation form and send with specimen to the Cytology Lab. Indicate site and include pertinent clinical data on requisition.
  8. When transporting solution vials containing cells to the laboratory, make sure the vial is tightly sealed. Align the mark on the cap with the mark on the vial to prevent leakage.

Lab Staff Instructions

  • If Cytology is closed, refrigerate in SHRL Lab Central

Specimen Stability

Storage Requirements:

CytoLyt solution: store the containers at 15o-30oC (59o -86oF) without cells. Cells in CytoLyt solution are preserved for 8 days at room temperature. For best results, transport specimen to laboratory immediately for processing. If there is a delay, refrigerate solution until it is delivered to the laboratory. This 8 days at room temperature time pertains to samples in minimum CytoLyt solution to sample ration of 1 part CytoLyt solution to 3 parts sample.

Test Frequency

Available Monday – Friday, usual TAT 24 – 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Reference Range

An interpretative report will be provided.

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory (SHRL), Grand Rapids, MI


Methodology not available at this time




Corresponding professional fees will also apply

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