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Epic Code LAB268 Spinal Fluid (CSF), Culture

Important Note

Spectrum Health Kelsey Laboratory does not perform this test.  If testing is urgently required by the ED, ensure that a stat courier is on sight prior to collection to ensure transportation is available for this time sensitive testing.

Test Name Alias

Culture CSF w/gram | 4196

Interface Order Alias


Quick Collect


Collection Instructions

Specimen Collection: Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)


Container(s): 2nd tube of spinal fluid collected or sterile container

Preferred Volume to Collect: 5.0 mL

Minimum Volume to Collect: 1.0 mL

Neonate Volume to Collect: 1.0 mL


Collection Instructions:

  • Label container with patient information, specimen source, and date of collection.
  • Send specimen as soon as possible.


Processing Instructions (Laboratory, Outpatient or Off-site collection)

Transport Temperature: Ambient

Processing Instructions:

  • Lab Testing is performed using the following tube order regardless of label:
    • 1) Hematology, 2) Microbiology, 3) Hematology, 4) Chemistry
    • United Lab: 1) Hematology/Chemistry, 2) Microbiology, 3) Hematology

Lab Staff Instructions

Lab Central Staff: All CSF specimens to Hematology first.

Specimen Stability

Ambient: Send to Laboratory as soon as possible

Refrigerate: 48 hours

Laboratory Retention: 28 days (United Lab: 14 days)

Test Frequency

Available daily, preliminary report available within 24 hours Final report available in 3 days.

Reference Range

No Bacteria Isolated

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Corewell Health Reference Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Big Rapids Laboratory, Big Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Blodgett Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Ludington Laboratory, Ludington, MI
Corewell Health Pennock Laboratory, Hastings, MI
Corewell Health Reed City Laboratory, Reed City, MI
Corewell Health Greenville Laboratory, Greenville, MI
Corewell Health Zeeland Laboratory, Zeeland, MI





CDM Code


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