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Test Code LAB3359 Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array

Important Note

This test detects traditional respiratory viruses. Please consider test #8889 HSV Culture or #4234 CMV Culture if clinically indicated.

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not detectable by this test. A positive result for coronavirus indicates a non-COVID-19 strain.

COVID-19: Spectrum Health and SHMG Providers and staff please follow instructions on InSite. 

Test Name Alias

Film Array Respiratory Viruses Metapneumovirus Antigen by DFA 7167 55134 Respiratory Viruses by Film Array | 8206

Ordering Instructions

Repeat orders will not be accepted on subsequent specimens submitted within 7 days.

Icons & Photos

3-mL UTM/Swab set (UTM medium w/regular flocked swab)  #652889 Sterile container with screw-on lid #850516


Collection Instructions

For optimal detection, collect NP swabs for patients with primarily upper respiratory tract infections and BAL for patients with lower respiratory tract infections. Do not send both a NP swab and BAL fluid to the lab for testing.


Submit only one specimen type:


Specimen Type: Nasopharyngeal Swab (NP)
Container/Tube: 3-mL UTM/Swab set (UTM medium with Regular Flocked Swab)
Collection Instructions:  

  • If possible, obtain specimen during the acute phase of the illness during the greatest amount of viral shedding. 
  • Tilt the head of the patient, gently insert the swab through one of the nostrils and into the nasal passage.
  • Rotate the swab tip several times across the mucosal surface.
  • Remove the swab and insert into the red top tube of viral transport medium (UTM) immediately.
  • Push the swab into the tube and break the plastic shaft swab at the break line.
  • Replace cap and screw on tightly.
  • Label specimen with at least 2 patient identifiers (usually name and date of birth)
  • Send to lab immediately


Specimen Type: Bronchoalveolar Lavage, BAL
Container/Tube: Sterile container
Volume: 2 mL
Minimum volume: 1 mL

Collection Instructions:

  • Label container with patient’s full name and birthdate or Spectrum Health MRN. Also include specimen source.
  • Collect the lavage (not less than 1-2 mL of fresh, unfixed material) in a sterile, leak-proof container. 
  • Indicate on the order site lobe and pertinent clinical data (i.e. clinical impression, past diagnosis, radiographic findings and history of radiation or chemotherapy should be included in the order.) 
  • Refrigerate if there will be a delay in reaching the laboratory.


UNACCEPATABLE Specimen Types: NP washings, Sputum, Tracheal lavage/aspirate

Processing Instructions (Laboratory, Outpatient or Off-site collection)

Transport Temperature: Refrigerate

Specimen Stability

Refrigerate: UTM – 3 days

Laboratory Retention: 3 days

Test Frequency

Available daily, routine TAT 24 hours.


STAT TAT is 2 hours from receipt at SHRL (35 Michigan, Grand Rapids). Test is run as soon as the specimen arrives in the SHRL Microbiology department.

Reference Range

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not detectable by this test. A positive result for coronavirus indicates a non-COVID-19 strain.

Negative for Adenovirus PCR, Bordetella PCR, Chlamydophila pneumoniae PCR, Coronavirus 229E PCR, Coronavirus HKU1 PCR, Coronavirus NL63 PCR, Coronavirus OC43 PCR, Influenza A 2009 H1 PCR, Influenza A H1 PCR, Influenza A H3 PCR, Influenza A PCR, Influenza B PCR, Metapneumovirus PCR, Mycoplasma pneumoniae PCR, Parainfluenza 1 PCR, Parainfluenza 2 PCR, Parainfluenza 3 PCR, Parainfluenza 4 PCR, Respiratory Syncytial Virus PCR, Rhinovirus-Enterovirus PCR

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)



CDM Code


Epic Test ID


Interface Order Alias



Adenovirus PCR: 39528-5

Bordetella pertussis PCR: 23826-1

Chlamydophila pneumonia PCR: 34645-2

Coronavirus 229E PCR: 41003-5

Coronavirus HKU1 PCR: 62423-9

Coronavirus NL63 PCR: 41005-0

Coronavirus OC43 PCR: 41009-2

Influenza A PCR: 34487-9

Influenza A H3 PCR: 49524-2

Influenza A H1 PCR: 49521-8

Influenza A 2009 H1 PCR: 55465-9

Influenza B PCR: 40982-1

Metapneumovirus PCR: 38917-1

Mycoplasma pneumonia PCR: 29257-3

Parainfluenza 1 PCR: 29908-1

Parainfluenza 2 PCR: 29909-9

Parainfluenza 3 PCR: 29910-7

Parainfluenza 4 PCR: 41010-0

RSV PCR: 40988-8

Rhinovirus-Enterovirus PCR: 40991-2


Mayo Access Code


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