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Epic Code LAB495 Discontinued Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Rapid

Test Name Alias

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Rapid | RSV | 8793 | RSV Rapid

Interface Order Alias


Clinical Information

This test is only approved for patients 18 years of age and younger. 

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Viral Transport Media (UTM) Kit with Mini-Tip Swab for NP collection [ITM-1140078]  

Note: Saline Collection Kit is acceptable container but no longer supplied as of 2/14/22

Collection Instructions

Submit only one of the following specimens:


Specimen Type: Nasopharyngeal swab (NP)
Container/Tube: UTM with NP swab or Saline kit with NP swab
Collection Instructions:

  • Tilt the head of the patient, gently insert the swab through one of the nostrils and into the nasal passage.
  • Rotate the swab tip several times across the mucosal surface.
  • Remove the swab and insert into the red top tube of viral transport medium (UTM) immediately.
  • Push the swab into the tube and break the plastic shaft swab at the break line.
  • Replace cap and screw on tightly.
  • Label specimen with at least 2 patient identifiers (usually name and date of birth)

Transport Temperature: Refrigerated


Specimen Type: Nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate
Container/Tube: Viral Transport Media (UTM)
Collection Instructions: If possible, obtain specimen during the acute phase of the illness during the greatest amount of viral shedding.

  • Nasopharyngeal wash-volumes of 2-3 mL are recommended. (Excessive wash volumes may decrease the sensitivity of the assay).
  • Place specimen in viral transport media (UTM).
  • Label specimen with at least 2 patient identifiers (usually name and date of birth)
  • Transport within 24 hours.

Transport Temperature: Refrigerated


Unacceptable specimens include: anaerobic gel swabs, charcoal swabs, wooden shafted swabs, calcium alginate swabs, cotton swabs, bronchial washes and lavages and throat swabs.

Specimen Stability

Room Temperature: 24 hours

Refrigerated 4°C : 24 hours

Laboratory Retention: 3 days

Test Frequency

Available 24 hours, usual TAT 2 hrs.

Reference Range

Age 0 to 18:

Negative: Negative for Respiratory Syncytial Virus antigen.

Positive: Positive for Respiratory Syncytial Virus antigen.


This test is not approved for adult patients.

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Corewell Health Reference Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Big Rapids Laboratory, Big Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Gerber Laboratory, Fremont, MI
Corewell Health Kelsey Laboratory, Lakeview, MI
Corewell Health Ludington Laboratory, Ludington, MI
Corewell Health Pennock Laboratory, Hastings, MI
Corewell Health Reed City Laboratory, Reed City, MI
Corewell Health Greenville Laboratory, Greenville, MI
Corewell Health Zeeland Laboratory, Zeeland, MI


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