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Test Code LAB801 Immunofixation, Urine (Lab Staff Order Only)

Important Note

This test can only be ordered by lab staff. 

Test Name Alias

IFE Urine | Bence Jones Protein | immunoelectrophoresis | 8516

Collection Instructions

Specimen Collection: Urine, 24 hour collection or Random

Container(s): Plastic 24 hour urine jug or Sterile urine cup (with lid)


Preferred Volume to Collect: 24 Hour Urine - Entire collection | Random - 50.0 mL

Minimum Volume to Collect: 24 Hour Urine 75.0 mL | Random - 25.0 mL

Neonate Volume to Collect: 24 Hour Urine 75.0 mL | Random - 10.0 mL


Collection Instructions:

  • No additive.

  • Keep container upright at all times and check that lid is fastened evenly and securely.

  • Patient Collection Instructions are located in the menu on the left.

  • 24 Hour Urine: Refrigerate specimen during collection.
  • 24 Hour Urine: Starting and ending times of collection are required.

Transport Temperature: Refrigerate

Specimen Stability

Refrigerate: 72 hours

Frozen: acceptable

Laboratory Retention: 72 hours

Test Frequency

Available Monday – Friday, routine TAT 3 - 5 days.

Reference Range

See pathologist interpretation

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI


Agar gel electrophoresis



Professional fee for pathologist interpretation

CDM Code


Epic Test ID


Interface Order Alias



Immunofix UR                   49276-9

UrProt mg per dL.            2888-6

Mayo Access Code


Reviewed Date