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Epic Code LAB848 Factor VIII Inhibitor

Important Note

Order as Reference Miscellaneous #LAB848; indicate complete test name when ordering.

Centrifuge and remove plasma into 2 (two) 1.5 mL aliquot tubes within 1 hour of collection.

Test Name Alias

Factor 8

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Platelet Poor Plasma
Container/Tube: Blue top (3.2% Sodium Citrate)
Volume: 4.5 mL Whole Blood (Tube must be full)

Minimum volume: Two (2) separate 1.0mL platelet poor citrated plasma -frozen aliquots

Collection Instructions: Centrifuge and remove plasma within 1 hour of collection. Freeze aliquots in plastic transport tubes immediately

Special Instructions

Specimen cannot be hemolyzed or clotted.


To obtain a coagulation plasma sample, centrifuge the capped specimen tube at a speed and time required to consistently produce platelet-poor plasma (platelet count < 10,000/uL). The centrifugal speed and duration to accomplish this must be established in the individual laboratory. Our laboratories use centrifuges at 3,000 to 4,000 rpm for ten minutes or higher speed and shorter duration centrifuges. When removing plasma to send for coagulation testing, it is important NOT to go all the way down to the cells. Leave a minimum 1/4 inch of plasma sitting on cells. This layer contains the platelets which were separated from the plasma during spinning. The platelets interfere with coagulation testing so we leave this layer undisturbed.

Rejection Criteria


Specimen Stability

Ambient: 1 hour

Frozen: 2 months

Test Frequency

Sent to reference laboratory. Usual TAT 7-10 days.

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Send Out to Versiti Wisconsin Ref. Lab



Reviewed Date