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Enterovirus Quantitative PCR, Various

Test Name Alias

Enterovirus Quant PCR | BMT Enterovirus Quant PCR | 9018

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Clinical Information

Detects the entire spectrum of human enteroviruses, including coxsackie A viruses, coxsackie B viruses, echoviruses, polioviruses, and enteroviruses 68 through 71.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Various
Please refer to the link below to access the referring laboratory’s specimen requirements, or call the Spectrum Health Laboratory Referrals Department at 616-267-2753.


Specimen Type: Tissue

Please refer to the link below Collection of Viral Tissue Biopsy Guideline for sample size and handling instuctions.

Test Frequency

Sent to reference laboratory, TAT up to 2 days.

Reference Range

Reference range not available at this time.

Performing Department

Send out to Viracor-IBT


Extraction of enterovirus nucleic acid from specimen, followed by reverse transcription of viral RNA, then amplification and detection of cDNA using real-time, quantitative PCR. An internal control is added to ensure the extraction was performed correctly and the PCR reaction was not inhibited. Viracor-IBT's assay design includes multiple targets to account for viral mutations, which significantly reduces the chance of false negative results.



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